Hydrogeology and Groundwater Specialists Serving Australia & S.E. Asia

We specialise in hydrogeology and groundwater consulting and contracting services to a diverse range of government, mining, petrochemical and manufacturing clients.

Based in Brisbane, our team works throughout Australia and South-East Asia to manage, advise upon and technically direct groundwater related research.

Our extensive hydrogeological experience, capable team, broad capabilities and affiliate network of engineers, geoscientists, field technicians and equipment suppliers ensure that whatever the scope and scale of your project, we deliver.

Reliable and trustworthy, we always strive to ensure that our work is completed to your satisfaction.


  • Numerical Groundwater Flow Modelling
  • Pumping Tests and Analysis
  • Dewatering and Depressurisation Assessments
  • Baseline Bore Sampling
  • Regulatory Reporting and Compliance Investigations
  • Routine Compliance Monitoring
  • Licensing and Approvals Support
  • Hydrogeological Drilling Supervision and Testing
  • Third Party Review
  • Geophysical Logging
  • Groundwater Supply Assessments
  • Downhole Camera Surveys
  • Project Management and Overview

Specialist Knowledge

Experienced and knowledgeable, has extensive experience in the following sectors:

Mine sites and mining projects including coal, base metals and bauxite commodities – delivering impact assessments, dewatering and depressurisation of both open cut and underground operations and projects.

Oil and gas companies – providing basin scale groundwater resource conceptualisation, baseline assessments, bore assessments and spring conceptualisation.

Quarries and extractive industries – completing impact assessments and approvals for both hard rock and sand / gravel extraction.

Local councils and state government agencies – on catchment scale groundwater resources, town groundwater supplies, and landfills.

Agricultural industry including pastoral and irrigation groundwater supplies – our in-depth knowledge of the Great Artesian Basin enables expert advice to property owners on the hydrogeological environment, the groundwater supply and sustainability of agricultural bores.


DANIEL BARCLAY, Principal Hydrogeologist and Director, is a skilled, practiced, capable and dependable hydrogeologist with over 20 years’ experience in the consulting, government and industry sectors.

Dr. PAVEL DVORACEK is our tech-savvy and highly competent lead modeller with a diverse skill set who specialises in groundwater flow and contaminant transport modelling, and management of groundwater studies in both environmental and operational contexts. Pavel offers valuable insight and training to our modelling team.

TRAVIS DRAPER specialises in groundwater flow modelling and detailed analysis of groundwater complexities. Travis also has experience in all areas of reporting and is highly proficient in numerous software packages which he uses to create custom solutions for complex client requirements.

BRAD NORTH, our fieldwork guru, holds over 16 years of extensive experience including drilling supervision, water quality sampling, and all areas of groundwater analysis and testing. Brad continues to develop his vast skills and abilities in undertaking desktop investigations, hydrogeological assessments, reporting and GIS, and offers valuable support and training to the Graduate Hydrogeologists.

NICHOLAS MORAN and JOELENE BARRON are competent and fast learning all-rounders, offering fieldwork support in all areas whilst being actively involved in on-going fieldwork programs in QLD and North QLD. They provide technical support and assistance in hydrogeological assessments, data analysis and GIS.

TONI BARCLAY has provided dedicated and extensive administration, accounts, payroll, WHS, and all-round support within the groundwater industry for over 10 years, assisting and supporting the company, our clients, and each individual staff member.

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