Market Sectors

Given our years of experience and knowledge, has worked across several market sectors providing advice and service to:

Mine sites and mining projects including coal, base metals and bauxite commodities. We work for mining and exploration companies and have experience with impact assessments, dewatering and depressurisation of both open cut and underground operations and projects.

Oil and gas companies, providing basin scale groundwater resource conceptualisation, baseline assessments, bore assessments and spring conceptualisation.

Quarries and extractive industries completing impact assessments and approvals for both hard rock and sand / gravel extraction.

Local councils and state government agencies on catchment scale groundwater resources, town groundwater supplies, and landfills.

Agricultural industry including pastoral and irrigation groundwater supplies;

  • We value the agricultural and pastoral sector and provide specific advice for the groundwater supply and sustainability of agricultural bores.

  • We are happy to work with your drilling contractor to ensure you find the best groundwater supply and that it is secure and sustainable.

  • We have an in-depth knowledge of the Great Artesian Basin and provide advice to property owners on the hydrogeological environment.

Legal sectors including assisting landholders and their legal representatives with make good agreements and negotiations with resource companies.